Chamberlain Machine, Inc.
   17 Huntington Lane
   PO Box 847
   Walpole, NH 03608
   PH: 603-756-2560
   FAX: 603-756-2566

As an industry leader in high precision CNC machining, Chamberlain Machine can offer customers the benefit of extensive manufacturing engineering experience. We partner closely with customers through prototype and production project phases to ensure cost effective designs and consistent product quality. In addition to machining, our experience includes assembly and test of mechanical and fluid power systems.

We maintain relationships with an extensive network of material suppliers, foundries, heat treatment, coating, testing and other process subcontractors. Our expertise in these areas can help you achieve consistent certifiable results for the manufacturing process.

Our partner in fluid pumps can offer extensive engineering capability to custom design a pump to meet the exact specifications for your application. To learn more go to Cascon